Create custom ringtones for your iPhone

iRinger is a useful app for PCs that lets you create ringtones for your iPhone. View full description


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Sleek, nice-looking interface
  • Can also extract sound from video files


  • Only exports to M4R

Very good

iRinger is a useful app for PCs that lets you create ringtones for your iPhone.

Much like other ringtone creating programs, with iRinger you'll be able to create custom ringtones for the iPhone in a snap, without having to learn how to use a complicated audio editor. Simply launch iRinger and upload your favorite song or video on it.

iRinger can also create a ringtone out of a video file soundtrack, which is a feature a lot of users will likely appreciate. After the media has been imported, you'll need to edit the song in a different way though. Instead of selecting the audio in order to copy, paste or cut it, you have to drag the timeline inside the app's interface to adjust the starting point, and then set the length of the ringtone.

iRinger also includes a bunch of special effects to add to your ringtones: delay, reverse or boost are some of them. They're all available in a special collapsible window on the left side of the program's main interface. Once the ringtone has been properly edited, all you have to do is click 'Export' and it will be saved as an M4R file, ready to be imported into iTunes and synced with your iPhone.

iRinger is a very easy way to create your own customized iPhone ringtones for free.




User reviews about iRinger

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    "Extremely Satisfied !"

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  • morkus

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    "It\'s a scam! Do not donate!!"

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  • maddog825

    by maddog825

    "Don\'t donate it is scam !"

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